Bulwell Reads

This is our Tutor-Time reading programme. Years 7 to 9 read fiction texts together as a tutor group. In year 10, we move on to non-fiction texts, such as news articles. We discuss the texts and develop vocabulary by learning new words from the text. The skills we focus on are: prediction, summary, clarification and inference.

April 2023: We are currently reading …

Year 7 are reading ‘Dread Wood’ by Jennifer Killick.

The story is about four students who are in detention when their teacher mysteriously goes missing and they are trapped in school.

Year 8 are reading ‘Smart’ by local author Kim Slater.

This story, set in Nottingham, is about a boy with autism who solves the murder of a homeless man. This text explores some sensitive issues such as domestic abuse.

Year 9 are reading ‘Stone Cold’ by Robert Swindells.

This is a dual narrative, following a teenager who runs away from home and a serial killer who is killing homeless people.

Year 10 are reading non-fiction texts.

Students learn to read critically and develop a personal response to a text. We have been exploring themes such as identity, oppression and empowerment.