Years 7 to 9 Remote Learning Timetable

“You Said, We Did”

Following on from feedback from students, parents and staff, Years 7 to 9 are moving to a one-week remote learning timetable with less lessons and spare time for catching up built into the timetable.

Students should follow the timetable each day in the order they prefer and use any Catch Up time to finish off work they have not yet completed. If they are up to date, they can use the Catch Up time to read, exercise or complete an independent project.

Students should submit their work as they complete it to allow for continued feedback from teachers during the week. All work should be submitted by Friday each week.

You will find the new timetables for Years 7 to 9 on the Student Links and Remote Learning pages of our website (access from the Home page). There are also useful guides to using ClassCharts and Office on these pages too.

Thank you for your support.

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