Studying from Home: Help Page

Whilst school is closed due to the UK government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, students who are feeling well are expected to study at home. Where possible, students should complete their work online and submit to teachers at least once a week. Teachers will provide feedback to students at least once a week.

Students using the paper “Study Packs” (sent home to students with internet access difficulties) or the Daily Home-School Timetable can share photos of their work with their teachers by email if they are able or keep the documents safe until their return to school.

Students may also use a range of free online resources, available on the Supporting Home Learning page, where you will also find a Parent Factsheet with useful tips and resources for Home Learning.


Need a ClassCharts code? Need help with your email address or your login? Please email your tutor and/or Miss Kelly:


Quick Guide for Online Working

Students should log on to ClassCharts daily to complete the work set.

Completed work can be sent directly to the teacher via email or by uploading it to Microsoft Teams.

If students have questions about the work set, please email the teacher who set the work or message the teacher using Microsoft Teams.

Getting Started: FAQs

I don’t know how to get on to ClassCharts

  • Students will have been given their login code at school OR it will be sent to them in the post. If students (or parents) do not have a code, please email the child’s tutor and/or Miss Kelly:
  • ClassCharts is available to download as an App from Google Play or the Apple App store. It can also be accessed here:

How do I get started on Microsoft Teams?

  • Firstly, students need to activate their Microsoft Teams account by following the instructions in the Activation Email sent to their Student Email.
  • Once students have activated their account, they can access Teams and Student Emails through the Microsoft Office link by going to Student Links (in the website footer at the bottom of the page)

How do I access Student Emails?

  • Click on Student Links (in the website footer at the bottom of the page) – then click on the Microsoft Office link
  • Type in your Student Email Address and Password
  • Your Student Email Address is your school PC login username followed by
  • Your Password is the one that you use to log in to a school PC.

How do I access Microsoft Office Applications like PowerPoint, Word and Excel?

  • When you log in to Microsoft Office ( on the Student Links page, you will see all the Office Applications you need. There is no need to click on the INSTALL OFFICE button.

How do I upload work to Teams or Message my Teachers?

  • Further guidance for Teams can be found on the Student Links page.

I don’t know the teachers’ email address. Where do I find it?

I can’t get on to GCSEpod. Who can help?

  • Email for help with GCSEpod