The Bulwell Academy Changemakers Podcast

Discussing real world issues in our community and beyond

A changemaker is someone – anyone – who sees a problem, steps up, and takes creative action to solve it for the good of all.

About our student-led school Podcast

The Bulwell Academy Changemakers will be engaging our community discussing real world issues through a series of interviews.  We will be inviting guests to the Academy from ‘our town’ who play a key role in supporting our community.  Our Changemakers will also be interviewing teachers across the Academy, sharing discussions about our school to involve the community in The Bulwell Academy’s journey. We will be posting a new Podcast every two weeks via the Podcast website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts amongst others.

“This is an exciting time for our school.  The students have worked so hard to get us to this point.”

Mr Lowther, Raising Standards Mentor

Listen to The Bulwell Academy Changemakers Podcast

Click on the image below to listen to our first podcast:

Interview with Alex Norris MP Member of Parliament for Nottingham North.

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