We are delighted to announce that all students now have access to GCSEPod, the award-winning digital content and revision provider used by over 1,250 schools worldwide.   

Students in all years at The Bulwell Academy have access to GCSEPod’s library of over 6,000 ‘Pods,’ 3-5 minute videos designed to deliver knowledge in short bursts.

GCSEPod makes learning and revision much more manageable. Pods can be accessed via the GCSEPod website on many devices. This means that if a student has a school device Pods will replace links to YouTube that they are currently unable to access. 

One of the best things about GCSEPod is that you can download any Pod and watch them at any time, in any place, with or without internet. 


We recommend that you talk about GCSEPod with your child – check that they’ve successfully activated their account and encourage them to make use of this amazing resource. Once they’ve activated their account, they can browse the GCSEPod library and create their own playlists – just as they would when they’re listening to music.

Watch the introductory video for parents below and click on the purple button to read the Parent Guide.


Watch the introductory video for students below – then follow the login instuctions beneath the video. At the bottom of the page, you will find a 2nd video showing you everything that GCSEPod can do (Student Tour How-To-Guide).

There are two main ways that you will access GCSE Pod. This might be directly via a link shared by your class teacher or you might access the website yourself independently. Follow the instructions below to log in.

  1. Go to www.gcsepod.com – click log in (top right hand corner)
  2. Next click sign in with Office 365 (orange box to the bottom right below the password box)
  3. Then on the next screen click sign in with Office 365 again (above the email address box)
  4. If this does not work, type in your usual login details for Office (below the orange Office 365 box) – your username is your Bulwell Academy email address (eg 20AA123@bulwellacademy.net) and your usual password
  5. Read the log in guide for further support (click on purple button below). 
  6. If you have any issues, contact amy.fuller@bulwellacademy.org.uk

Note (23.02.2021): We are still in the early stages of rolling out GCSEPod where, to begin with, you will just be watching pods. The video below is a good guide that shows you everything that GCSEPod can do.