Rewards at the Academy

Friday 15 March 2024

Gold Tie Winners

Below are the top 5 Bulwell Bucks earners from each year group for the week ending Friday 8 March and the ‘most improved’ students. These will all been seen around school wearing the prestigious gold tie!

Gold Ties are awarded to two students in each tutor group— one to the student who earned the most Bulwell Bucks during the week and one for the student who has the ‘most improved’ score. So every Fantastic Friday, 84 students will receive the prestigious gold ties to wear the following week!

We expect all of our students to aim high and be excellent learners every lesson. We want to encourage all students to aim to meet these expectations and to go above and beyond them. The following information explains to you just some of the things we are doing to reward students in school.

Earn Bulwell Bucks for your Friday Paycheck

In every lesson, the teacher rewards credits to students who display that they are ‘Bulwell KIND’ and who are meeting Lesson Expectations. Students also earn credits for meeting the school’s Basic Expectations throughout the school day. Debits and sanctions are given to students who do not meet expectations. You can find out more about ‘rewards’ and ‘sanctions’ in the school’s Behaviour policy (Appendix Two).

For a reminder of The Bulwell Academy Expectations, please click on the image to view the presentation delivered to students in March 2024.

Aspire. Work hard. Be kind.

You will be rewarded extra positive points for displaying our school values. There are many things that you can receive positive points for, such as attending extra-curricular activities, effort with homework and being a student ambassador.

Fantastic Friday & Bulwell Bucks

Every week we look forward to Fantastic Friday when numerous rewards and prizes are given.

We start the day with free pancakes and waffles for all students arriving from 8am in the Restaurant.

During Tutor Time on Fantastic Fridays, students receive their Paychecks and find out how many Bulwell Bucks they have earned during the week. Bulwell Bucks are credits and debits given by teachers for positive and negative behaviours.

Students can spend their Bulwell Bucks in our Marketplace which is open in the Hall on Friday lunchtime.

Coming Soon…

More rewards! We have been talking to students about what rewards they would like to see in our Marketplace. We have bought a range of stationery which will be ‘on sale’ soon for you to swap for your bucks! We are also looking at having a permanent space for our ‘swap shop’ so that you can swap your bucks any day of the week!

Parents can find out how many credits and debits their child has received by logging into the ‘Kickboard’ Family Portal. If parents need their login details, please email

Attendance Rewards

Attendance Matters! For every lesson you attend on time, you will be given a positive reward point for being present and meeting expectations.

Fantastic Friday Attendance Give-Away! Regular prize draws for students attending on a Friday, where you can win a prize such as a book voucher, cinema voucher, gift card or Queue Jump for coming to school on Friday.

Win an iPad! Students who attend every day for the first two weeks of the half-term are entered into a prize draw to win an iPad donated by Creative Education Trust. The winner for Term 3 was Year 8’s DJ.

Rewards Breakfast! At the end of every half-term, the tutor group in each Year with the highest attendance receives a special breakfast on the last day of the half-term.

Countdown to Christmas / Easter!

In the build-up to Christmas and Easter, there will be a prize draw for students attending every day in the lead up to the holidays.

This Easter, students who attend at least 19 out of the 20 school days in March will receive a chocolate treat on the last day.

Find out more here!

Reward Trips & Movie Parties! During the year, we organise reward trips and movie parties for our 100 Club members. To join the 100 Club, students must have 100% attendance in a given period of time. These rewards are announced at the start of each term. Each term brings a new set of Attendance Rewards for students to win!