Meet the Attendance Team

Attendance Team

The Attendance Team all have a vital role to play in ensuring students attend school and therefore reach their full potential.

To contact any member of the team, email:

Year Group Attendance Contacts

Members of the Attendance Team are linked to Year Groups as follows. You can find their contact details in their Bios below.

  • Year 7 & 8 – Amanda Jenkins
  • Year 9 – Sharna Hart
  • Year 10 – Laura McAdams
  • Year 11 – Mick Astle

Amy Fuller
Vice Principal, Attendance


I became Vice Principal for Attendance in December 2022 having worked as a senior leader at The Bulwell Academy since January 2021.

Our attendance target for all students is 98%.

This level of attendance will enable students to make the best possible progress and will therefore have a direct impact on their futures.

Supporting pupils and parents by working together to address any in-school barriers to attendance is the focus of the Attendance Team as a whole, along with celebrating ongoing success and rewarding students for improved attendance.

Amanda Jenkins
Attendance Improvement Manager


I joined The Bulwell Academy in January 2023 as Attendance Improvement Manager.

I work closely with students, families and agencies to help remove any barriers which may prevent a child from being able to attend school. 

I have worked in education for 18 years on the pastoral side and enjoy the enormous privilege of being able to help young people to fulfil their potential by supporting them to attend school, therefore building the foundations for a positive future. I am excited to be part of an enthusiastic and supportive team at The Bulwell Academy where every child matters.

Laura McAdams
Attendance Improvement Leader

If you are concerned about attendance linked to SEND please contact:

I joined The Bulwell Academy in January 2023 as Attendance Improvement Leader. I visit students and their families at home to ensure their wellbeing and to help them with attending school.

I am dedicated to helping ensure every child has an education. As well as visiting students at home, I also work closely with SEND students to improve their attendance and to support them with attendance issues. This role enables me to work closely with students and families, supporting children to benefit from the opportunities that education offers and the impact it can have on their future lives.

Mick Astle
Attendance Improvement Leader

Attendance Improvement Leader for The Bulwell Academy and local primary schools – Cantrell, Rufford and Springfield.

Mobile: 07593 543 958

I joined The Bulwell Academy as Attendance Improvement Leader in September 2018 with 14 years of previous experience in behaviour support.

You will see me out in the Bulwell community every school day engaging with parents and students.

Job satisfaction in this role comes from seeing young people excelling and having the opportunity to be happy with everything they have achieved when they leave education. I really enjoy working with students that struggle with school and going on to see them achieve the best they can, whether it is managing to attend school for one whole week or achieving their GCSE qualifications.

Bev Mellors
Attendance Improvement Leader/
Learning Support Assistant

If your child accesses Re-Entry please contact:

 I manage the Re-Entry room where I support students who are persistent absentees from school. I am also one of the Academy’s ELSAs, which means I am qualified to support students with their emotional and social learning.

I joined the Attendance Team as Attendance Improvement Leader in December 2022 when we opened the Re-Entry room. Previously I worked as Learning support Assistant where I supported students with special needs. I have been working at the school for more than 20 years.

The Re-Entry room is a calm working environment where students feel safe and secure whilst we work together towards a smooth transition back into mainstream lessons.

Sharna Hart
Attendance Improvement Coordinator


I have worked in attendance at The Bulwell Academy since January 2022.

I am in the office ready to take absence calls from 7.30 am each morning.

I love helping and supporting students to get into school to access their education. Building up resilience is very important at school to prepare students for their life after Bulwell — so trying to get students in every day is a top priority! I also recognise when students improve their attendance and hand out a token of congratulations!