End of Year Reports

Year 7, 8, 9: End of Year Reports on SIMS Parent

This year we are publishing your child’s end of year progress report on SIMS Parent. Printed copies are available on request by contacting the school (email: paul.watson@bulwellacademy.org.uk)

You will be notified on SIMS Parent and email when reports are available to view.

Based on the topics for improvement highlighted in your child’s end of year report, please encourage your child to access additional learning by clicking on the red button below.

Sims Parent enables you to receive notifications of new messages; keep track of your child’s progress and attendance; view your child’s timetable, school calendar and event reminders; and check personal data is up to date.

  • If you have not activated your SIMS Parent Account, please check your emails for an email from no-reply@sims.co.uk. If you have not received an email to join SIMS Parent, please email sarah.cruse@bulwellacademy.org.uk
  • Click on the link in the mail and sign in through an iCloud, Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Twitter account (entering your normal sign in details for the chosen account).
  • Once you have signed up to SIMS Parent, please check the data section on your child’s profile to make sure the information we hold is up to date and correct.

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