A ground-breaking initiative which has been proven to dramatically reduce bullying is being piloted by The Bulwell Academy. Thirty Year 10 students have been trained as mentors and will lead peer group sessions, encouraging others to take responsibility for issues that may arise.

The Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme is being run in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Police. Principal Mrs Strong said: “We’ve been inspired by this programme and its results elsewhere”.

“Bullying in schools is not new and The Bulwell Academy is no different to anywhere else. We want students and parents to be reassured we are doing everything we can to minimise its impact.”

In the programme, males and females are not seen as potential victims or perpetrators but as empowered bystanders with the ability to support and challenge friends and peers.

The Year 10 students chosen to be the first mentors will act as role models in leading this initiative, delivering sessions to younger peers to provide them with knowledge and tools to navigate their time here, helping to build a safer school community.

Mr Lowther, who will oversee the programme and provide support to mentors, said “Our young mentors will take this experience and learning into life after school. Both universities and workplaces will benefit from the experience students gain on the MVP Programme.”

“We hope the Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme will have a key role in reducing issues of bullying at the Academy and help students to feel empowered to stand up to bullying.”

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