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Relationships & Sex Education: Your View Counts

To All Parents/Carers

We would welcome your views on our proposed Relationships & Sex Education Policy. Please click on the red button below to read the letter and the attached policy.

  • If you have any queries, please email
  • Or you can send your concerns and thoughts regarding the proposed policy directly to

Thank you

Remote Learning

Remote Learning from 5 January 2021

Please click on the link below to find out all about how to access remote learning and how to get support. Students should access remote learning on a daily basis from 9am during any school closure or if self-isolating.

Face Coverings in School

Covid-19 Update: 13 October 2020

A Special Update from the Principal

Face coverings must be worn Anti-Slip Floor Sticker | Social Distancing  Floor Stickers | Safety Signs and Notice

Given that Nottinghamshire is now an area where local restrictions apply, we need to change the emphasis on wearing face coverings in school. Although I still cannot mandate this fully, I must now insist that where possible staff and students wear face coverings / visors on corridors and in communal areas.

Student Expectations

From Wednesday 14 October all students should attend school with a face covering / visor.

Face coverings should be worn correctly over the nose and mouth.

Please let us know if your child is exempt from wearing a face covering.

When do I need to wear a face covering / visor?

  • In the morning during the line-up process before entering the building.
  • Before leaving the classroom or dining room
  • After break times during the line up process before re-entering the building

Students may wear a face covering / visor in class if they wish, provided they are wearing it correctly over both the nose and mouth.

When do I NOT need to wear a face covering / visor?

  • When you arrive at school before the line-up process
  • Once you are seated in the classroom or dining room
  • When you are out the front of the school during break times
  • When you leave school once you are out the front or out the back (depending on your departure route)

Covid-19 Absence FAQs (Updated)

A Guide to Covid-19 Related Absence

Update: 17 September 2020

Given the increased number of parent/carer calls we have been receiving concerning illness, Covid-19 symptoms and testing, the Principal has issued further guidance in the letter below. We hope this helps to clarify matters in these uncertain times.

Please click on red button below to view our guide to The Bulwell Academy’s Covid-19 Absence Procedure.

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Calling all Parents & Carers


Would you like to have your say in how the Academy operates? We would like to recruit parents/carers from each Year Group to work with us to give input to new ideas and projects, and to share your ‘parent insight’ to inform the Academy’s leadership.

The Parents’ Advisory Group (PAG) is led by the Academy’s Principal, Mrs Strong, and supported by the Academy’s Community Lead, Mrs Abbott. The group meets three times per year. If you are interested in joining the PAG, please contact the Principal’s PA, Mrs Sadler.


To express your interest to join the PAG, please complete the form below and return to the Academy by Monday 2 March 2020. Parents invited to join the PAG will be notified by Friday 6 March 2020.

After School Timetable

The Spring Extra Curricular Timetable is now available. It includes after-school activities, lunchtime activities and some early morning clubs.

The After School Timetable can be found in the Parents Section of the website, and is updated at the beginning of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.