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Covid Testing at Home

Test at Home, Reduce the Spread

The cycle of Covid testing in school is now complete. Students should now continue testing twice weekly with home testing kits provided by school. We advise that the home test is completed on Sunday evening before returning to school and one evening mid-week, ie, Wednesday or Thursday. The instructions for doing the test and registering the result are all provided in the kit.

Please report to school the results of each test by clicking on the red button above (you also need to report results on the website or on the NHS app).

If a child tests positive, please inform school (using the form above), stay at home and self-isolate.

Around 1 in 3 individuals with COVID-19 do not display symptoms. Home testing will help catch those showing no symptoms and to break the chain of transmission: Test at Home, Reduce the Spread.

Free test kits for all the family (with children of school age) can be collected from Duke Street Car Park, Bulwell NG6 8EZ between 1pm and 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Preparing for Return to School

Latest Update: Return to School

Please click on red button below to read the latest update from the Principal.

To prepare for a staggered return to school from 8 March, we require parents/carers to complete the Covid-Testing Parent Consent Form by midday on Friday 26 February.

We appreciate your support.

Year 7 & 8 Drama Assessment

All Year 7 and Year 8 students are required to sit a Drama assessment to inform school of their progress in Drama. All students who did not complete this on 20 January will need to sit the assessment on Monday 25 January. Students should check their To Do tasks on ClassCharts for details.

We would appreciate parents’ support to ensure your child takes the assessment if they did not complete itf on the earlier date.

  • The assessment must be done independently and without class booklets.
  • The assessment has to be done at a set time – either 10 am to 10.45 am or 4 pm to 4.45 pm on Monday 25 January.
  • Students will take part via a link to Microsoft Forms which they will find on ClassCharts. The Microsoft Forms link will only be ‘live’ at the above times.

Before the day of the assessment, please ensure your child can access the following links:

If you have any questions or issues, please email

Thank you

Years 7 to 9 Remote Learning Timetable

“You Said, We Did”

Following on from feedback from students, parents and staff, Years 7 to 9 are moving to a one-week remote learning timetable with less lessons and spare time for catching up built into the timetable.

Students should follow the timetable each day in the order they prefer and use any Catch Up time to finish off work they have not yet completed. If they are up to date, they can use the Catch Up time to read, exercise or complete an independent project.

Students should submit their work as they complete it to allow for continued feedback from teachers during the week. All work should be submitted by Friday each week.

You will find the new timetables for Years 7 to 9 on the Student Links and Remote Learning pages of our website (access from the Home page). There are also useful guides to using ClassCharts and Office on these pages too.

Thank you for your support.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Year 8 Parents’ Evening POSTPONED

Update: 6 January 2020

We have taken the decision to postpone the Year 8 Parents’ Evening during the current lockdown.

Teachers are now working from home for the majority of the time and, therefore, are unable to phone parents and carers.

We realise that Year 8 have not had a parents’ evening since they joined the Academy, and we promise to make this a priority once schools re-open.

In the meantime, if you have any urgent concerns, please email and a member of staff will get back to you.

If you had already booked your appointment, it will be moved to the new date (once confirmed) to save you booking again!

Thank you for your support.

Back to School 2021

Back to School: Update 31 December

Following a government announcement late on 30 December, The Bulwell Academy has again amended its arrangements for the return to school in 2021.

Please click on the link below for full information of revised return dates.

Covid Update #5

End of Term: Important Update

Please click on the red button below to read an important update regarding the end of term including ‘test and trace’ arrangements and finish times on Thursday 17 December. Friday 18 December is a new staff training day when school will be closed to students.

If your child tests positive for Covid-19 up to Wednesday 23 December, please email to enable the school to trace and call close contacts.

For positive tests from Christmas Eve onwards, please email Attendance with the expected date of return to school, and read the NHS guidance here in relation to helping the NHS alert close contacts.