Extra Curricular Timetable

September 2021 Update

We are in the process of developing our extra-curricular timetable for the Autumn term. Some clubs are already up and running. Invitations to current clubs are issued by the Club leaders. Parents/carers are required to complete a consent form to enable their child to attend (see below).

A full extra-curricular timetable will be issued in due course.

Parental Consent Forms 2021-2022

Show Choir: every Thursday, 3 to 3.45pm

Show Choir Letter

Show Choir Parental Consent Form

Club Leader: oliver.longbottom@bulwellacademy.org.uk

Shine Theatre: every Monday, 3 to 4.15pm

Shine Theatre Letter

Shine Theatre Parental Consent Form

Club Leader: rachael.crick@bulwellacademy.org.uk